10 Things to make you calm down

There are so many things in life that can cause you to feel stressful, anxious or panicked in some specific moment of time. It can be attributed to stress at work, school, personal relationships, severe medical illness, or stress caused by emotional trauma or many factors that can happen in your life.

If you feel anxious, panicked, or scared, there are many things that you can do to calm you down. Below are a few suggestions that you may try.

1.Take a deep breathe

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When you feel anxious about something, try taking a long and slow breath from the abdominal area. This could increase the amount of oxygen to your body, and release a sense of calm through your brain and body, reducing the level of your anxiety as a whole. 

Likewise, you can also practice meditation by yourself in less than 5 minutes as an excellent way to focus on your body, thus calming your nerves.


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Seriously, it’s not an easy thing to smile when you are feeling anxious or stressful. But a smile can reduce stress-related hormones called cortisol and release endorphins which trigger positive feelings in the body and is a natural painkiller that helps improve your mood. 

3.Watch something funny

Watch something funny to relax

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If it is difficult to smile while you are nervous, worried, or stressed, finding something funny to watch could be an option to bring you laughter. 

Thus, watching some funny sitcoms or Youtube, and Tiktok videos helps your mind rest and look at the other funny side. Therefore, you can again smile and calm down from what makes you anxious.  

4. Listen to music

Listening to music helps calm you down

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Music can reduce anxiety, ease pain, and lower the level of stress-related hormones. Thus if you feel very depressed, try listening to your favorite music or the rhythm that is suitable for soothing your soul. You will take things easy and feel relaxed after a lot of thoughts and stresses with good music.

5.Spend some time in nature

Go trekking to enjoy the beauty of nature

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In this digital area, we are mostly surrounded by computers, TV, mobile phones. We can sit all day long indoors to watch news feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube and urban life, causing us to forget that we lack human and nature interaction.

Seeing nature with all green stuff can increase your body’s oxygen level, improve your heart rates, and reduce cortisol level, thus stimulating your brain.

Therefore, hiking mountains, camping, or spending some time observing natural wonders can help you have a bit of peace on your own.

Next time when you feel anxious or stressed, let’s try doing things outdoors and see how it works!

6.Practice gratitude

Practice gratitude is a good way 

Today I am Grateful book

Anxiety and anger can cause you depression in one day or an even more extended period that prevents you from living to the full moment you are having. When you are stressed or depressed, it can cause a series of actions that may affect your response in the long run or even affect the feeling of persons around you. 

Another good exercise to calm you down is to practice gratitude. For example, appreciate things that you are having in your life such as you were born in a good family, you have a lovely house, you have good friends around and many other good things that you just forget.

Then it’s good to write about things that you are grateful for to calm you down at the moment that you feel anxious or panicked. You can practise writing three things that you are grateful for every day to enjoy the moment you are luckily having. 

7.Write it down

Writing your thoughts is one good way to cool you down

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Another helpful tip when you feel stressed or anxious is to write things down. The focus of your mind to make it clear on paper could help you see things more thoroughly and possibly figure something out. 

You could write anything about why you are anxious, what you are nervous or panicked about, and what to do to release the stress. All your notes down will help you calm down to relieve you somehow and reduce your worries. 

8.Fuel your body

Fuel your body with good food

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Eating something can not only reduce your hunger but also turn your focus on consuming the food. Therefore, you can try having something delicious to reduce your anxiety.

Of course, we would not recommend this option that makes you get fat in an unhealthy way. Try eating an adequate amount of yummy food to lower the level of your anxiety.

9. Splash cold water on your face

Try splash cold water to cool you down

Cold water helps energize your skin. When you feel stressed or angry, splashing cold water on your hand and face is likely to wake you up, cool your skin, and refresh your mind somehow.

Next time, when you feel very stressful or angry, let’s try splashing some cold water on your face, maybe it could help you feel better and think through.

10. Talk to a pal

Talking to a friend about your worries

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Talking to your friend to tell you about the problem makes you anxious. Like human needs, it is more relieving to connect and share with other persons. 

If you can find a good friend, or maybe just someone as a good listener, tell them and share your story. Perhaps he/she can give you some advice or just listen to your story. Much of your worries will be partly or wholly blown away.

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