20 Things to do when you get bored

Days in life are different. Someday you feel good and happy with positive energy. Still, sometimes that you feel dull surfing the internet all day long with news feed, lack motivation, and even get stuck the whole day by social distancing rules during the pandemic period. 

However, it’s not always bad that you get bored. Maybe it’s time for you to stop looking at your phone watching others’lives; it’s time for you to try doing something new to forget the boredom of yourself.

Thus you might need to motivate yourself to refresh your mind and reactivate your energy to return to your normal state of mind. Surely it’s said than done, but hopefully, some ways below could help you improve your mood, forget the boredom, and refill your day’s energy.

1.Listen to your favorite songs



Listen to favorite song 

Âm nhạc, áo đỏ, ban ngày

Listen to favorite song

Music can help you relax and bring you a better mood. Equally important, the rhythm and the melody sometimes reflect the spirit of the listener. Thus he/she might feel understood and find it as a stress relief. 


Besides lightening your mood, listening to beautiful songs helps reduce depression, thus improve your mood and lighten you up. 

2. Do exercises 



cân đối, chánh niệm, đàn bà

Learn to do yoga yourself

Doing exercises is beneficial for both your mental and physical health. Whether it is outdoor exercise, do yoga, or an indoor gym, it will help you more active, sweating, and release bad energy. Scientifically, doing exercises help release chemicals called endorphins that promote positive feelings in the body.


Therefore, even if you are doing exercise hard and getting bored with the routine activities, playing new outdoor sports like badminton, tennis, football, or golf can be a good try.


3. Watch a beautiful movie

Watching a movie is a good way to forget the boredom

man using black remote controlWatching a movie is a good way to forget the boredom


If you are not so happy, watching a beautiful movie is an excellent way to refresh yourself. Whether it is a lovely romantic movie, a funny drama, or an action movie, it will help you find another beautiful aspect of life, laugh more and cheer you up. 


Thus, if you have some good movies in mind, this is the time for you to watch it. Or if you don’t have it, google for a good one to improve your mood.


Life has so many colors; let’s start watching a good movie to see other colors block of life. Who knows you can learn something new from the movie, think more positively, and forgetting the boredom is just then a certainty.

4. Try a new hairstyle

Try a new hairstyle to refresh yourself

Woman With Brown Hair With Black Top With Gray Background

Try a new hairstyle to refresh yourself


As said, loving yourself differently, including trying a new haircut or new hair color to change your look, can be an excellent choice to improve your mood. 

5. Create a new video and upload it on social media

Upload video on your social media account

person holding white smartphone taking photo of woman wearing blue jeans

Upload video on your social media account

Making yourself some new video and uploading to Tiktok, Instagram, or Facebook. Or simply save it as your memories on social media is kind of thing to use up your time, see your friends’ reaction and comments on the post, and feel less tedious. 

6. Write in a journal

Write in journal

woman writing on white paper

Write in journal

Apart from those activities above, writing a journal is another activity to reflect yourself, how it is going with your life, how you feel at the moment, what has been done well and not done well. Practice gratitude. By doing so, this activity will help you to realign your target of works and boost your energy.

7. Play board game

Playing a board game with your friends or family

Person Holding White and Red Playing Cards

Playing a board game with your friends or family

Also, asking your friend or family to try a new board game could be fun. Playing a new board game helps you to connect with your friend and family members, and at the same time, create a good team spirit and share the laugh.

8. Clean your room or your closet

Cleaning your closet

Black teenager choosing clothes in bedroom

Cleaning your closet

Another option to boost your mood is to clean your room or closet to rearrange your stuff in a neater. By doing so, you can give away some old stuff and clothes to the needed persons, then rearranging your stuff to refresh your room and closet will help you refresh yourself.

9. Enjoy a relaxing bath


Woman in Bathtub Looking at the Window

Enjoy a relaxing bath


Again, treating yourself something sweet like a relaxing bath helps you improve your mood. You can have some bubble bathing with some rose scent and turn on beautiful music to relax and pull the boredom away. 

10. Take a nap


It’s not only beneficial for adults’ health to take a nap but also to refresh your brain after waking up. Thus, you will surely forget about boredom.

11. Read a good book

bàn, cà phê, cafein

Read a good book


Whether you are a person who likes reading or not, reading a good book will improve your mood. If your brain gets busier with reading, there is no space for the boredom to stay.

If you have some exciting books in mind or you already read good reviews of the book that you have heard for long. Now it’s time for you to read one. Once reading a good book, your brain will pursue the flow of the words, broaden your mind in one way or the other. 

12. Plan for a new adventure

If you have stayed in your comfort zone for long, planning for a new adventure can be a great way to cheer you up. Whether you want to hike a mountain, see a new place, meet new people, and experience a new culture, it surely can bring you better moments to improve your mood. 

bài học, bản đồ, bảng đen

Planning for your next adventure


13. Cook a new recipe


ẩm thực, ăn uống, bàn

Cook a new dish

Whether you are good at cooking or have no idea of cooking, there are tons of ways to learn it from google, magazines, or ask your mom. When you learn something new, your brain will be refresh. Likewise, learning to cook a new dish, or bake a cake, then having someone to enjoy your food is a good way to cheer you up. 


You enjoy cooking new food, so do the food tasters like tasting. You will forget how much you have felt bored before and bring happiness to the tasters.

14. Learning a new skill

Photo of Woman Playing Ukulele White Sitting on Gray Sofa

Learning how to learn ukulele

When you get bored, it’s like a way to remind you that your brain needs to work. You can think of learning a new skill for a longer-term, such as participating in a dancing or drawing class, learning to play a new sport, or playing a new instrument. 


Choosing a suitable class, either online or offline, can be an excellent way to discover your new abilities, and at the same time, bring you positive energy for an extended period.

15. Learn a new language

In the same category as learning a new skill, learning a new language not only broadens your mind into a new culture but also opens the opportunity for you to meet new people. Besides, learning a new language requires you to motivate your brain to focus on learning new words and new structures and grammar. 


Hence, keeping your brain busy by learning a new language is an excellent way to pull the negative thoughts of boredom away.

16. Go to a spa

Going to a spa is also another good way to relax 

Woman in White Towel

Another option to release your boredom is to go to a spa, give yourself a good treatment. 

It has been a while since the last time you care about your skin or your body. When you get bored, you can think of treating yourself with a good spa. You can have some moments to relax and have someone taking care of your skin, massage your body to release the tiredness and boredom.

17. Call your best friend

Call your best friend when you get bored

woman holding yellow rotary telephone

When you feel bored because there is nothing new that happened around your life, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert person, you might need someone to share your story. An essential demand of the person is to communicate with people, and it would be much relieved when you have a good listener beside. 


That said, what a good friend is for, ask them out for a drink, tell your story, meet, or just talk, and you will forget the boredom. 

18. Buy yourself a gift

Buying yourself a bunch of roses

Shallow Focus Photography of Pink Flowers

You are buying yourself a beautiful gift to reward yourself for a good moment. If it has been a while that you haven’t got something new, it might be the reason for making you feel bored. Thus, thinking of buying new clothes, bags, or only flowers or things that you wish for a long time. It’s time to spend some money on yourself. 


Of course, if you are not a frequent shopper. Spending decent money on good stuff can bring you a good mood. Or you can buy you a new bike or purchasing a ukulele as learning a new musical instrument as a way to learn new skills and forget the boredom.

19. Do gardening

Do gardening to forget the boredom

Person Arranging Pot Plant


Whether you have a garden or not yet, seeing new plants growing indoors is also beautiful. Surrounded by nature helps improve your mood. So why not planting new trees, propagating a new plant to green your space. 


Every time you water the plant and see new green leaves or new buds, you will feel refresh. Plus, some trees have effects of chasing away harmful insects, purifying the airs, and bringing a good mood to the planters.

20. Find an event of your interest to go


If you have some interests such as healthy living, green living, follow social media to search for the event of your interest to attend. Thus it will be fun when you meet like-minded people of the same interests. 


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