24 psychology facts about men and relationship that you may not know

Human psychology in general and men’s psychology in particular, is a vast and ambiguous topic. While knowing about the subject will help people have greater insight into how men think, behave, and feel, it can allow women to understand men and improve their dating lives, well-being, and happiness. 

Nearly all men look for some specific characteristics in women like the women do look for in men. Although some traits are even hardwired into us, it isn’t easy to realize. This writing will, thereby, tell you a handful of studies showing some typical traits that men find women attractive, some of which might surprise you.

  1. According to Dr. Brizendine, men tend to be more focused on fixing problems than showing empathy in feeling.
  2. In the same study by Dr. Brizendine, men in stable relationships are likely to live healthier, longer, and have hormone levels that may decrease anxiety.
  3. Many research pieces show that, unlike women, men find it more challenging to talk about their weaker emotions. Let’s have some understanding: they don’t show their vulnerability on the surface.
  4. According to Tyger Latham, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Washington, D.C., men feel more comfortable with who they are and more likely to strengthen their relationships with persons who care for them.
  5. According to Walster, E., Aronson, V., Abrahams, D., & Rottman, L. (1966), physical attractiveness is the key characteristic that predicts whether someone is interested in a second date.
  6. According to Hatfield, E., & Sprecher, S. (1986) and Northrup, C., Schwartz, P., & Witte, J. (2013), men are also more likely than women to believe in the romantic notion of “love at first sight.” 
  7. According to Dr. Gwendolyn Seidman, both men and women rate kindness, intelligence, and an exciting personality as the three most essential traits in a partner.
  8. Men are more attracted to women who have flirty behaviors to show that she is available (such as smiling, expressive body language, having eye contact, leaning toward a dating partner). 
  9. According to a study published in Evolution and Human Behavior, men appreciate women who have a good sense of humor and laugh at their jokes. Still, it isn’t as necessary as women who can make them laugh.
  10. According to Professor Devendra Singh, women who have a waist to hip ratio (WHR) of between 0.67 and 0.8 are considered the most attractive to men.
  11. Another study from a group of Chinese universities found that men find women with positive personality traits have increasing physical attraction.
  12. Men considered women with longer-length hair to be healthier.
  13. According to one study done by University College London, men rated high-pitched voices more attractive; of course, it applies only to a certain point.
  14. According to a 2013 survey conducted by dating website Zoosk.com, 89 percent of surveyed men said that hair is one of the first things men notice in a woman.
  15. Some men find more mature looking women the most attractive.
  16. Men find the feature of short women but have long legs attractive.
  17. Both men and women said that one of the first things they notice in a potential love interest is their teeth, followed by their grammar, according to an online survey of Match.com.
  18. According to a study conducted by the University at Albany in New York, men might find the women’s features with small-feet more attractive. 
  19. Women with baby faces (such as small eyes, nose, and chin) and stereotypically “sexy” women (such as high cheekbones, brows, and a broad smile) were consistently considered the most attractive regardless of race.
  20. Men like women with neither too small nor too big bust size. Women having the most attractive bodies are those who have medium-sized breasts.
  21. According to a survey conducted by AskMen.com and HuffPost, 69% percent of the surveyed men said they would be attracted to a woman with a tattoo, and 55 percent of the surveyed men said they would be attracted to a woman with a piercing.
  22. According to a study conducted by Nicolas Guéguen of the Université Bretagne-Sud, men think their chances of getting a date with a woman with a tattoo are higher.
  23. Men can enthusiastically sleep with a woman that he might know that he will never see her again.
  24. According to a study of the University of Kent in the U.K, men rated the reddest shade to be less attractive than the pink shades.


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