10 Things Money Can’t Buy You should Know

Money is essential to our lives. To many people, you can buy and do whatever you want with the money. You can buy a house, a car, beautiful clothes, eat good food, have a dream vacation, and feel happy when you get it.

However, is it true that money can maintain our happiness, love, time, inner peace, and manner when you have them all? Can money buy all the things you want? Or how can we use money wisely to obtain happiness?

While nothing’s wrong to set a goal to be rich, it’s essential to realize how important other things are, apart from money. This writing, therefore, will address the question, and at the same time, figure out if money is the key to everything or just a tool for producing material. Then, we can know how to nurture our real value apart from being rich in money.

1. Love

Yes, money can’t buy love. While it’s true that a successful and wealthy man can buy prerequisite resources to obtain love with a woman he likes, he cannot maintain love only by money. If the man is too busy at work earning money or not taking care of his woman when she needs, he cannot maintain what we previously called “love.”

That said, it requires more than just resources to maintain love. Love requires constant caring, based on trust and commitment between two persons. Love is built between people by intimacy, empathy even by understanding each other in conflicts. Thus, it can not be bought by money.

2. True Friends

Money can buy a social friend but not a true friend. Having a person called a social friend is easy.

A social friend can be attracted to you when you are playful, open, and maybe wealthy. Both of you can go to parties, enjoy young, free, and happy moments together. However, such friends are easy to find if you want to and have the right enough conditions.

Nevertheless, these friends for fun might not be with you when you have troubles. Some friends of benefits seek a compromise, intimacy, and happy moments; they will leave you when you have difficulties in life.

Having a sincere good friend who will be beside you when you are in difficult times is more precious. That’s why we say money can buy a friend but not real friends.

3. Health

Money cannot buy you health. Money can buy you medicines and help you recover from illness, but it’s not always true. Some people cannot live long when they are unfortunately terminally ill, even if they are very wealthy. Plus, if their spirit is not strong, it will be difficult for them to fight with the disease.

Likewise, you will be getting old and not as healthy as when you are young as time goes by. You are easily exposed to different factors of the living environment, food, chemical, pollution, thus your health might decrease. Even with money, you cannot buy back good young health for sure.

4. Time

One more thing you can not buy is time. Time is money as you spend your time at work to earn money. When you use the time for vacation, you will lose the amount of money that you should have worked. It’s the opportunity cost of the vacation that you cannot turn time into money.

Equally important, you may have done something wrong and regret, but you cannot turn back time to control things that you did in the past with money. That’s why we all remind ourselves that we can’t buy time with money and “live the moment” to live your life to the fullest.

5. Talent

While talent can be gained through nurtured capacities, it cannot be bought by money. You can spend money to buy adequate resources like attending classes and having good teachers nurturing talent.

Thus, money is the tool to develop your skills, but your skills are your time and effort to make the skills work for you to become talented.

6. Happiness

Money is essential to happiness, but it cannot buy happiness. When you have money, you can have a more fulfilling life with people you love, but it’s not always true. You have to work harder at higher responsibilities but spend less time with your family to keep earning more money.

To keep living happily, you should spend quality time with family to have memorable happy moments together. Happiness, thereby, needs effort, wisdom, and of course, with the assistance of money for the basic needs to maintain.
7. Wisdom

You can buy knowledge but not wisdom. You can gain wisdom by buying knowledge through books and stories of experienced people. Later, you can absorb their stories, apply the philosophy of life into your life stories.

Wisdom can be attained through different failures, awareness, perception, and personal experience, thus, can not be bought by money.

8. Inner peace

You can buy the resource to get peace with money but not the real inner peace. For example, you can buy a vacation surrounded by nature, a right body treatment, but it can only calm you down for a while.

Still, some unexpected events happen in your life that can leave you into depressing and stressful moments if you don’t learn how to have inner peace in yourself. Inner peace must be built up within your soul, not through money.

9. Trust

Again, money cannot buy trust. You cannot have trust in someone by giving his/her money. Conversely, money makes people easily blind; they do the work because of seeing its immediate benefit.

Money makes people feel respected by others because they become wealthy, and they can show how successful they are under monetary value. Money helps some people be treated with respect at different levels of service. That’s why we have seen a lot of corruption cases in the world of politics.

People are trustworthy if they are honest with each other. It even takes time to know if one person is reliable, not to give his/her money to trust.

10. Manner

Last but not least, you cannot buy manners with money. You can pay someone their good services but not manners. You can’t pay someone for their crash on your vehicle after passing the red lights but still argue that it’s your fault.

Despite their rule-breaking, you can’t pay them for better behavior. Better behavior is only to say sorry to the person and check whether you are okay after such a crash. Someone’s manners should be seen through their deeds, not after paying them some money.

After all, money can buy a lot of material things but not all. These are spiritual values, including love, true friendship, health, time, talent, happiness, wisdom, trust, manners.

Money can be a tool or resource to reach those spiritual values but cannot buy those values itself. If money cannot be used wisely or earned in the right way, it can ruin love, happiness, true friendship, inner peace, the wisdom that we all aim.

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