15 Things We Should Be Thankful For Everyday

Psychology researches show that human brains tend to think on the negative side more frequently than the positive sides. Therefore, people tend to think about what we don’t have and take all-things-that-we-already-have for granted.

In fact, not all of the things are available forever if we don’t appreciate it. Someday things-that-we-already-have might be exhausted and no longer available for us. Meanwhile, appreciation and gratitude can bring many benefits, including generating more positive emotions and thoughts, enhancing strong relationships, and relishing a good experience, thus helping people live a happier life.

So what should we be thankful for? How often should we be grateful for having a happier life? This writing, thereby, will address questions, hopefully, to give you more reason to live a grateful life.

1. Having a Shelter

If you don’t have a house to shelter in, you could be somewhere in the street, without a roof over our heads in the middle of a cold and rainy winter. We are still more fortunate than many people living in difficult conditions in many parts of the world. Plus, having a bed to sleep becomes precious. It isn’t easy living without shelter, is it?

2. Good Health

Without good health, you might not be able to commute, communicate with people, and do common daily activities. Even if your health isn’t good, you still have some good working parts. Isn’t good health or any working parts worth being grateful for?

3. Your Parents

Without having parents, we are not present in this world. There is someday that our parents are no longer with you forever on this earth. Each moment that we have with them becomes precious. We should be thankful to have them in your life, behave well, and spend quality time with them.

4. Having a Job

Having a job is not easy at the beginning. It requires much effort to have the qualifications and knowledge to obtain a job. Having a job helps you earn a living, buy things, travel to new places you like, obtain more knowledge, etc.  You are now luckier to have a job than many people struggling to earn a living, right?

5. Clean Water to Drink

While there are still some 2.2 billion people who lack access to safely managed drinking water, according to WHO, are you fortunate to have clean water to drink? Appreciate the clean water that you have on earth because it is not an unlimited resource.

6. Food to Eat

While more than 800 million people among over 7 billion people on earth live in hunger, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 2016. If you have good food to eat, is it still better than so many people living in hunger in other parts of the world?

7. Fresh Air to Breathe

Without fresh air, it would be difficult for us to breathe. Enjoying the moment to step out with nature, therefore, becomes precious. Besides, appreciate even the little things like fresh air, isn’t it making you feel worth appreciating?

8. Good Clothes

Clothes sometimes enlighten us that makes us beautiful, and prevent us from being naked under the direct sunlight and dirt environment. Clothes keep us away from whatever the weather condition could be, either a burning sun, a strong wind, or a blazing cold.

Especially in the summer, it protects our skin from the burning sunlight, and in the winter, warm clothes help us survive in the extreme weather conditions.

9. Opportunity to Get an Education

While many children cannot access tertiary education, we are lucky to access a certain level of education. Having the opportunity to get an education helps us to obtain knowledge, employment, wealth, and relationships that we are now having.

So don’t forget to be thankful for getting an education and the person who grants you such an opportunity.

10. Holidays

After a long and strenuous day of working, it’s worth appreciating the holidays and weekends we are granted from our employer.  If we have no holidays, we must be tired and exhausted from work, be thankful for the holidays we get and the one who gives you holidays (your employer or even yourself must be).

11. Having a Partner 

Being in a romantic relationship teaches you to know more about yourself and understand the meaning of human connection in your life. Though it can be easy to find a partner for some people, it’s hard for others.

Among many people in the world, a person can be coupled with a few people who can understand you, care about you, share laughter with you, and be right beside you when you need it. Isn’t it worth appreciating your partner and the moments being with them?

12. Having Good Friends

There is a saying, “Good friends are hard to find, even harder to keep.” Finding a social friend is easy but finding a true friend who stays with us in difficult times is not easy. That said, we should treasure all the good friends that we have in life.


13. Waking up in a New Day

You can be sad because bad things happened yesterday, but the sun still shines. Thus, waking up should be when you should restart living and be grateful for despite what happened in the old days.

14. The kindness of strangers

Not all people treat you well for some reason. There are some bad days when you meet a grumpy person, or someday you realize that the person you used to trust is not a reliable one. They could have experienced a bad day, too, thus, felt tired and unhappy.

Don’t take strangers’ kindness for granted and be thankful for even small nice acts of strangers.

15. Learning from mistakes

Sometimes there are some inevitable mistakes that we made in the old days. Life situations might cause it to happen sooner or later. Hence, recognizing that mistakes as a part of an ongoing life experiment will help us avoid making it again. Learning from mistakes, thereby, helps us live more wisely, make fewer mistakes in the future.

To conclude, while it is important to recognize that life is not always as good as the way we want it to be, there are many little things that we should be grateful for. Those are: Having a shelter, good health, your parents, having a job, food to eat, clean water to drink, good clothes, fresh air to breathe, opportunity to get an education,  holidays, having a partner, having good friends, waking up in a new day, the kindness of strangers, learning from mistakes.

Despite the sadness and boredom you have gone through in the old days, remember that you have your own heart and mind to live your day well. If you are not the one who lives your life, who else should do it? Now, let’s start your new day with a grateful heart and positive thought!



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