Things women want in a relationship that you may not know

Sometimes what women’s behavior reveals is not like what you think. Women are stereotypically delicate, and born to be loved, cared for. Of course, there are many strong women and hiding their loving needs. However, it is needed to say most women share the same traits because of having feminine biological features.

So what we know about women, what women want in a relationship, what makes women happy or less happy, and what women do in love are all questions triggering people around her, especially her men. Therefore, this writing will tell you more about all these related questions to understand women in general and the women you love in particular.

What women want in a relationship

When a woman is upset or worried about something, she mostly wants you to listen to her patiently.

Women love to listen; if she gets into trouble, she wants someone to listen, share her empathy, and understand her problems. Don’t try pushing her to solve her issues like men sometimes do; she wants a good listener.

Women love when their man tries to understand their signals.

Women would appreciate it if their man understands their unhappy signals that are not always told by her. She might be fussed about stuff she got at work, or she wants to have listened to her complaints and forget the sad things that happened during the day. 

In general, most women are good at remembering information, facts, and important dates; therefore, she expects you to remember birthdays and anniversaries. 

Women do like things in detailed information like facts and important dates. She will appreciate it if her man can remember the same thing as she does, extraordinary occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. By doing so, she would feel how much her man cares about her.

Women love surprise because it shows how much you care about them.

Women would love surprises given by their loved ones, not only because it shows how much you care about her but also shows her the feeling of being desired. Furthermore, she can boast your gestures to their friends, making her feel more proud of her partner.

Women crave sex as much as men do.

People stereotypically think that the first drive of men for sex even without a spark of emotional connection. However, it has been figured out in “What Do Women Want?: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire” by journalist Daniel Bergner that women want to have sex as much as men do, not merely because of emotional connection safety like we used to admit. Now we know the other side of women.

What makes a woman happy

Hugging a woman for more than 20 seconds might improve her happiness and confidence.

Whatever the woman’s mood, hugging her would make the woman feel warm, friendly, and loved. Of course, it has to depend on whether women want to be hugged or not so you can act upon the feeling of her.

Women who have mostly male friends stay in a better mood.

Women who hang out with guys will be more cheerful and optimistic in thinking since they are more open-minded, have more stable emotions, better understand the gender diversity in friendship, love, and relationship.

If someone asks women for advice, women will like it very much.

If someone asks women for advice, it means women are highly appreciated with good experience and insight.

What women do in love 

If a woman cooks something for you, then understand that you are very special to her.

Cooking requires a person’s dedication with the heart to make the food delicious. While it is likely that not all girls like to cook nowadays, if a girl does cook for you, it means you are very special to her.

What makes women less happy

Girl talks help women to form closer bonds but might increase depression and anxiety.

According to Developmental Psychology Journal, a study led by Amanda Rose, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia, has shown that girls tend to overthink or blame themselves and talk too much about what happened, leading to a vicious cycle of problems. When girls talk to each other, the problem is still there, and what they are talking about makes them think about it repeatedly, which then causes them to be more depressed and anxious.

Most women tend to overthink, no matter how silly the issue is.

Many researchers say that women are more likely to overthink than men do. Emotionally, women are more likely to think about what, why, and how the issue happened. Those thoughts make it a vicious cycle of questioning about issues without an outcome.

What else do you know about women?

Studies show that women have a much higher pain tolerance than men.

According to an article posted by Lizzie Parry, the Sun on New York Post, it is said that women can handle pain better than men because women don’t recall past pain as men do. This fact means that men are more easily stressed out and sensitive to past pain than women.

To sum up, there are many untold facts about women we haven’t known or know after reading this article personally. Those are, women need care (love hugging, giving surprise), attention (love having someone listening), appreciation (love giving advice), and have a higher pain tolerance than men. 

Learning about those matters will help women learn about their underlying needs, men know about his partner; thus both gender know how to have happy relationships in the time to come. What’s more apart from those traits? Tell us what you know to contribute more what we know about women.


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